Upside Down: Real Life According to Jesus

Starting April 27, the week after Easter Sunday, we’ll be launching into a brand new series at Revive that will run through the summer. “Upside Down” will be our in depth study of the most famous sermon in the world: Jesus’ sermon on the mount, as told in Matthew 5-7.

What makes a successful life? What makes a life pleasing to God? What makes a life worth living?

In this great sermon, we’ll see that King Jesus tells his disciples what a truly successful life looks like. He teaches how true kingdom citizens will live while on this earth. And we’ll see that his commands go above and beyond what the religious people have taught, and are completely opposite what the world teaches about what makes a successful life. Jesus calls his followers to live an Upside Down life.

Join us this Spring and Summer as we unpack the radical teachings of Jesus and pursue greater witness and effectiveness as disciples!