Ephesians: From Death To Life

This Fall, we will be studying the great letter to the Ephesian church in a series called “From Death To Life.” In this short but deep little book, Paul writes how we as Christians have been reconciled to God and made alive because of what Jesus has done. Not only that, but we have been reconciled to one another in this nifty little body called “the church.” These occurrences are nothing short of miraculous!

Throughout this great journey, we’ll dive into deep theological topics such as predestination, the nature of the church, roles within family life, salvation by grace…and we’ll also dive into immensely practical topics such as speech, forgiveness, reconciliation, marriage, and parenting. In all these issues, we’ll see that Christianity is NOT just moving from bad to good, but from death to life. Make sure to join us these next twelve Sundays.