Married Couples

Being a couple is hard work. Yes, it can be fun, especially when first getting to know each other, but how do you keep that focus alive through dating, engagement, and the years of marriage? God calls us to be in relationship and our relationships help us to deepen our understanding of God’s call to be a servant to one another. Couples Ministries at Revive are designed to provide resources to couples as they engage
in their journey together.

Couples Ministries offers several opportunities:

Married Couples Retreat – This is a weekend away where we will examine more deeply our calling to be “one flesh” as scripture instructs us in Genesis 2:24 and Ephesians 5:31-32, and what our calling is as a married couple.

One Day Events – Topically oriented events designed to educate, encourage, and support one another.

Fellowship Events – Times of fun and social involvement that help us grow in community and meet others who are engaging in a similar journey in relationship together.

Marcia & Bruce Gray are the coordinators for our married couples ministry. They have been married for 29+ years and have experienced both joyous celebrations and difficult challenges during their married life together. They feel called to walk along side others in the journey of relationship to support and encourage them as well as help them understand God’s grace and purpose through the marriage relationship.

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