Our Story

Welcome to Revive Church Claremont!

Revive Church is currently served by two elders. Our elders guide us by teaching God’s Word, caring for us pastorally and leading our spiritual formation and administration. Our two primary worship services are held at our Claremont site on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, but we serve in multiple weekly ministries community-wide.

God has blessed our congregation in so many ways over the last several years. It’s really a great story that only God could write.

In 2008, God merged two small Southern Baptist church plants that had met separately for a year. One was planted in a living room and the other had been meeting at the local Claremont colleges. Providentially, He brought them together from different temporary sites to worship at the Pitzer College auditorium, where students and professors from the various Claremont colleges as well as local families began to attend and join our worshiping community. That worship site was suddenly closed to our growing congregation after a few months. While God led our congregation to Biblical eldership, we prayed fervently for God’s next provision.

Immediately, another congregation, meeting at our present worship site in Claremont, invited us to lead their worship services as their long-term pastor had moved out of state. In three months, they invited Revive to merge and lead their established site. That sounded like the end of a wonderful story, but God was not finished.

The elders and congregation spent most of 2009 in prayer seeking the vision God had for our young church. Upon its completion and our prayerful agreement in 2010, Revive Church waited. Soon, another small, established congregation in Glendora, heard about the ministry and training mission that God had given us. The Glendora congregation recognized that our vision from God was what they had been praying for themselves, for fourteen years. It wasn’t long before they asked if they could merge with our growing congregation, bringing their commitment, congregation and worship site into our community of faith.

It took us a full year to absorb how completely God had provided the people, tools and resources needed for the amazing vision he had given our Revive assembly, our local community and beyond. God had blessed us with experienced, trained leaders; a multi-ethnic group of people, many under the age of 30; an established worship site in Claremont; and a ministry training and serving center in Glendora. Dozens of new believers have been baptized and entered our church membership. We have sent out dozens of our people on international mission trips, while hosting five worshiping language groups on our campuses. We have sponsored full room-and-board, books and clothing annually for almost 45 girls attending a Christian elementary school in India, while training more than two dozen people in our own congregation in preaching and Biblical counseling skills at our Revive Institute for Ministry in Glendora. We have established and supported a Christian Bible club at a nearby university, and our college students have ministered multiple times to an orphanage in Mexico. Once a week our congregation clothes, feeds and spiritually ministers to more than 120 families a month at our Mercy Gate ministry ministry in Glendora. Truly in 2017, God’s ministries at Revive have been too numerous to name in this short story.

Contact us, and let us share more of God’s work in our church; and please let us discover how we might be called to serve God together.